Your donations provide much needed services for those you want to escape, who have been rejected and/or those who…

Advocacy & Awareness

AORRA Canada advocates on behalf of victims and facilitates healing in order to Re-Start (a reintegration program) their lives. …


Help us provide hope to those who are scared to leave, provide hope for those who are shunned/ex-communicated and…

In Memory Of

Donations have been made on behalf of these loved ones. Norman E. Tyson, Jr. “Sonny”, 77, of Fostoria passed…

Events list

4-7 JUL 2019
3 Days of Healing
Toronto, ON Canada

In The News

20 May

Growing Up in a Cult, I Never Understood Family. Then I Became a Father TIME BY MIKEL JOLLETT MAY 19, 2020 Mikel Jollett is the…

10 Feb

The Secret Database of Jehovah’s Witness Child Abusers

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have refused three times in court to turn over a database containing the names of every known child abuser in their…

18 Jan

Childhood Trauma Creates Addiction

Dr. Gabor Mate discusses the trauma – addiction connection.

18 Jan

Jehovah’s Witness jailed after child sex abuse was covered up by church elders

23rd August 2013 A JEHOVAH’S Witness whose sex abuse of a child was hushed up by the church has been jailed for 13 years….